Private Label
As well as working with major sports clubs worldwide and developing our own brands. We also work with a number of leading retailers in Health & Beauty and Fashion, manufacturing and distributing custom designed/bespoke private label toiletries. Whether you have a new brand or a simple product extension, give us a job is too big or too small.

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1) Cleo Leather and Ponyskin Clutch
The bright color, supple leather and pony hair-like panel make this a game-changing option as it injects life into the most basic of outfits (like when jeans and your favorite sweater 4 years going is all that you can think about Friday night).

2) Yvette Bag
Fringe is so so in. And this particular clutch flaunts not only the swishy trend but also some metal accents for a dose of edge and shine. Perfect for some after-work date-to-drinks so you can shake it in style.

3) Georgina Faux Fur Shoulder Bag
Speaking of shaking it, this so-fun clutch flaunts tonal faux fur for a decidedly luxe winter-style statement. And an optional shoulder strap lets you throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care.

4) Maggie Large Pebbled Clutch
Spacious and done in a versatile, light hue, this textured clutch is ideal for those day-time affairs where your edgy, studded faves just won’t do. Plus it features enough room for your kindle for when you have had enough chit-chatting and air-kissing. Shh, we won’t tell.

5) Liv Clutch
But if ladylike and elegant really isn’t your think, turn it up in this fierce, snake-print style done in a sleek, rectangular shape. And the yellow version adds even more flair to your ensemble. If this too ‘loud’ for you, try the Slouchy Clutch, which flaunts an embossed snake print on a black style that drapes just so. You vixen you.

5) Resin Box and Chain Clutch
So cool and modern, this edgy, hard-case clutch flaunts a clear silhouette with a removable multicolored pouch inside. A dark metal chain strap completes the just-off-the-runway look. Tote this when you want to make a scene (a style scene that is.)